According to Christian Raimo schools defined ‘gyms of equal rights’ must be hospitable places.

The lack of space and the bad conditions of the Italian school are some of the main issues faced by the linguist Tullio De Mauro, the writer Christian Raimo and by the Canadian teacher and blogger Lisanne Foster. The means to create better and more adequate spaces are available but our society must make an effort to and learn how to use the resources in order to improve the quality of school spaces.

Tullio De Mauro states that even the most run-down classrooms can become pleasant places if the teacher is able to improve the environment.
During a conference in Ferrara, Lizanne Foster explained what she learnt from her teaching experience in South Africa during the Apartheid in order to improve her everyday teaching in Canada.

Her main aim is to gain respect by encouraging her students to ask questions, support their own opinions and ideas during the lessons giving them also the opportunity to confront her

One of the ways Lizanne involves her pupils is by keeping an “opinion box” in the classroom where they can put comments with complaints and proposals for improvement.

The relationship between the teacher and the student has the greatest influence on how the teacher is judged. It’s all about how the students feel at the end of their school day.

The schooling system can be difficult from a relationship perspective. Young people are sensitive and need a sensitive teaching approach to learn better. Students should interact and discuss openly with their teachers a variety of information they find on the internet.

This is the reason why teachers should develop their communication skills and find the courage to change.

Gaia Baldacci
Antonina Wozna
Translation by Marina Malacco and  Antonina Wozna